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Welcome to the Alternative Health UK Directory

The aim of this site is to provide you with information on alternative health therapies as well as providing you with a search facility for alternative health practitioners in the UK.

From more popular therapies like Magnetic Therapy, Yoga, Essences and Aromatherapy to other more obscure but equally effective ones like Ear candling and Urine therapy, they are all listed as part of the directory.

Alternative health care or alternative therapies refer to that branch of healing methodologies that have not been given the status of recognized medical treatments. While alternative therapies are not included in the mainstream health care system, they have been around far longer than any medical science technique.

Some therapies like Reiki and Feng Shui find their origin in ancient Indian and Chinese texts more than 5000 years old while others like Alexander Technique are fairly recent. In either case, these holistic healing techniques all follow the common philosophy of the human body being its own best healer.

Philosophy Of Alternative Health

Alternative health therapies are based on the premise that the human body is a perfect creation of God. We are all born healthy and whole. It is only because of abusive lifestyles or external events that we contract disease and illness. Given the right treatment and with some support from holistic healers, the body is capable of regenerating itself without any medication.

Also, being healthy is not only about physical health. Various therapies like Qigong, Breathwork, Ayurveda, Neuro Linguistic Programming and several others all work on the theory that mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health all co-exist. If any one of these aspects is unhealthy then all the others will be negatively affected as well. The existence of a single life force called ‘Chi’ by the Chinese, ‘Prana’ by Indians and ‘Ki’ by Japanese connects the entire universe and all objects in it. When the life force flows freely and without obstruction the human body is at ease. Obstruction in the flow of the life force causes disease.

The Role Of Alternative Health Care Providers

Many doctors believe that holistic healers are largely quacks that play on the emotions of vulnerable individuals. Sceptics also propound that holistic healing primarily works as a placebo. However, this is untrue.

All forms of alternative health require the practitioners to go through intensive training. Application of alternative health therapies by self-taught practitioners is extremely risky and must be avoided. It is very important to choose your alternative health care provider carefully.

It is also important to remember that alternative therapies are extremely effective in providing relief from various ailments like aches and pains, allergies, colds and breathing problems. However, they should not be considered a replacement for medical treatment from a qualified physician in case of serious disorders and conditions.

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